Marysville Showcase 2013


Best Performers

Ashley Russell – Marion Harding “Harding Singers”

Katie Swank – Troy “Troy Tones”

Mike Bedell – Cuyahoga Falls “M&Ms”

Hunter Okey – Bluffton “Musical Entourage”

Sara Radcliff – Twinsburg “Great Expectations”

Brett Castro – Solon “Music In Motion”

Madison Pauley – North Royalton “Royal Harmony”

Jacob Stuckert – Grove City “Touch of Class”

Clancy Butts – Edgewood “Choraliers”

Maggie Moneypenny – Walsh Jesuit “Harmony Gold”

Kyle Arnott – Elgin “Energizers”

Katie Gibbons – Fairfield “Pure Elegance”

Kayla Hulsether – Lebanon “Singers”

Madison Lewis – Ross “Rhythm and Motion”

Lauren Saxxe – Beavercreek “Friends”

Price Anders – Findlay “First Edition”

Chazz Gary – Matoaca “High Impact”

Shayla Grastou – Fairfield “Choraliers”


Spirit of Show Choir Award

Matoaca “High Impact”


People’s Choice Award

Edgewood “Choraliers”


Best Male Soloist

Price Anders – Findaly “First Edition”


Best Female Soloist

Dani Apple – Solon “Music in Motion”


Best Costumes

Twinsburg “Great Expectations”


Best Show Concept

Twinsburg “Great Expectations”


Most Enthusiastic Combo Director

Ed Kline – Solon “Music In Motion”


Best Dressed Director

Kevin Manley – Findlay “First Edition”

Small Division

1st Place

Matoaca “High Impact”


2nd Place

Ross “Rhythm and Motion”


3rd Place

North Royalton “Royal Harmony”

Large Division

1st Place

Twinsburg “Great Expectations”


2nd Place

Fairfield “Choraliers”


3rd Place

Solon “Music In Motion”


Grand Champion

Twinsburg "Great Expectations"


1st Runner Up

Solon "Music in Motion"


2nd Runner Up

Fairfield "Choraliers"


3rd Runner Up

Findlay "First Edition"


4th Runner Up

Fairfield "Pure Elegance"


5th Runner Up

Beavercreek "Friends"


Best Vocals

Solon "Music in Motion"


Best Choreography

Twinsburg "Great Expectations"


Best Combo

Solon "Music in Motion"


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